Taste became for us the driver of a unique sensorial experience. For this reason, we are committed every day to put our creativity in the field, in order to create captivating products that allow the consumers to travel with their mind.

In the complex world of flavourings for the food industry, our highly specialized technicians propose everyday new flavours that are able to make the finished product unique and inimitable. The deep knowledge of raw materials, combined with the expertise of our flavourists, together with a deep analysis of the customer’s needs are our key points to propose unique products that bring together the international flavors of new trends and the typical and unmistakable taste of the Italian tradition. In line with market demands, over the years AromataGroup has also increasingly expanded the selection of natural products using high quality raw materials and maintaining the organoleptic and sensory characteristics unchanged. Moreover, we work following a policy of real collaboration with our customers; starting from the initial idea, we develop the project together by running laboratory tests, and this allows us to propose always unique and personalized products.


Respect for Nature and the environment is what drives us every day to produce natural products, using raw materials from renewable sources. Our goal is to continue to expand our range of eco-sustainable products to offer clean labels solutions and promote a healthy lifestyle.


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