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When innovation meets tradition

The respect for Nature and traditions, the use of high quality raw materials together with the attention for the regulations and the continuous studies on market trends allow us to create innovative, versatile and high quality products.

All the technical departments of AromataGroup operate with a specific objective: the development
of innovative products, ensuring total quality.
Each product is the result of extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the product’s composition and most
recent production technologies.
Our production sites are modern structures, with regular investments to ensure total quality and respect for the environment
to both our clients and our collaborators.
Our operations are inspired by a shared ethical code, and we pledge to full transparency,
starting from our general terms of sales.



Our goal is to build a strong partnership with our customers because this allows us to offer high quality customized products with highly efficient technical support.



Our products ensure a high level of quality and purity and are guaranteed by rigorous, accurate and certified tests throughout the entire production cycle, from raw materials to packaging.



Our Company operates according to certified Quality and Food Safety Standards.

A leading-edge production

A consolidated know-how has led us to structure the production sites in a flexible and optimized way, to ensure the highest quality standards. In particular, the digitalization of the production management by barcode to track the raw materials and finished products guarantees the traceability of the finished product.
The production departments, both those for the production of and liquid and powder flavours and colors, are equipped with sophisticated systems.
AromataGroup has two atomization towers connected with a PLC for the constant control of the different production phases, reactors for the production of process flavours using the Maillard reaction principle, as well as various distillation units.



Research & Development

The Research & Development team is the heart of the company and every day we use creativity and precision to create innovative and tailor-made products.
The collaboration of the R&D department and our customers is the key of our success: thanks to our highly specialized technicians, projects are studied together from the very beginning, allowing us to obtain a high-quality final product, perfectly in line with expectations.
Each product is the result of an extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of the product composition and the latest production technologies.
The entire supply chain undergoes strict quality control procedures, in compliance with all legal and labour safety requirements in respect of the employees and the environment.