AromataGroup offers the industry a complete range of flavourings and colorants for nutritional and functional products, acting as a partner to manufacturers who market the most advanced food supplements.

The increase in life expectancy has emphasized the importance of a healthy diet and the correction of nutritional deficiencies. Dietary supplements have been available for quite some time now as their composition makes them suitable for a clear nutritional objective, setting them apart from normal food consumption. AromataGroup since years is committed to the development of flavorsand colourings in the dietetic and pharmaceutical segments, adopting where possible natural solutions, particularly suitable for the herbal and parapharmaceutical sectors.

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Nutritional Supplements

Numerous scientific studies have shown that a correct quantitative intake of certain nutrients can counteract or at least reduce the incidence of dysfunctions and deseases. In order to meet the specific needs of the consumer, food products intended for a particular diet and food supplements have been on the market for many years. The range proposed by AromataGroup includes active ingredients for a wide range of application needs, such as prebiotics, fibre, immunostimulants, antioxidants, glucose level regulators, diuretics, energy, mineral salts, restoration of intestinal flora (lactic ferments).


The pharmaceutical industry has always been very careful and selective in the choice of raw materials. Aware of this peculiarity, the AromataGroup team has selected and keeps creating flavors suitable for this specific field of application, always in compliance with the current regulations. The group offers flavors and colors for syrups, tablets and powders.

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