AromataGroup for the beverage industry is able to offer a wide range of natural colours and flavours  and aromatic extracts which are developed using traditional distillation, infusion and extraction techniques.

Combining ancient practices with constant technological research, we are able to develop brand new flavours and extracts for alcoholic, wine and non-alcoholic beverages in line with market trends. Moreover, thanks to our long experience in the field, we offer customized solutions of natural, synthetic and clean label colours for all types of beverages.

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Wine Based

AromataGroup is specialized in the production of flavours and colours for the beverage sector, particularly for wine based drinks, and offers its customers the tailor-made solutions. Application tests are also carried out on the finished product and its to ensure the best result.


Alcoholic beverages, starting from classic products such as bitters to cocktail bases are one of the company's leading segments, which is able to produce flavours and aromatic extracts for liqueurs of all kinds. A true benchmark in the field of flavoura and colours for alcoholic beverages, AromataGroup uses traditional extraction, distillation and infusion techniques. In constant balance between innovation and tradition, over the years the company has become a reliable partner for the production of top quality natural flavours and essences for every kind of alcoholic beverage.


In the soft drinks sector, a bright colour is fundamental. In addition to a wide range of natural and synthetic colours, AromataGroup produces flavours, essences and aromatic extracts for the soft drinks and energy drinks market, and we are constantly looking for new proposals for industrial production. We are therefore able to meet the needs of the entire soft drinks market: from soft drinks to energy drinks, with customized formulations developed according to the specific needs of our customers. We have always preferred the use of completely natural raw materials: in addition to traditional techniques, the company uses the most modern technologies available on the market.

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