The world of flavours and colours for the make-up and oral hygiene sector is constantly growing. This increase in demand is due to the wide range, constantly evolving, of finished products that the cosmetics industry launches on the market.

In the cosmetics sector, particularly in the make-up sector, colour plays a primary role in the success of a product. For this reason, our Research and Development laboratories are continuously engaged in developing flavours and colours in line with current market needs, always customized according to customer requirements. Thanks to our extensive experience in the field, we offer a wide range of dyes and flavours specifically developed for the cosmetic applications. The products are of high concentration and purity and comply with international legislation.

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Make up

The company has a long tradition in the production of flavors and colors for this segment of the cosmetics market. We have a large portfolio of aromatic notes with both masking and characterization features. Our products are able to meet every need, both legislative and commercial, for the Italian and foreign markets. We are always up-to-date on new market trends and we are available to develop new solutions.

Personal Care

In order to increasingly reinforce the visual appeal of the finished product, color is an important criterion for promoting the positioning and recognition of the product and, in general, of the brand. AromataGroup has a long experience in the production of certified dyes and pigments, and offers global colors, special blends, surface treatments, grinding and dispersion of pigments to meet the most demanding requirements.

Oral Igene

Protection of the mouth from bacteria and other unwanted agents has brought the industry to develop products, such as mouthwashes and toothpaste that ensure optimal oral hygiene.
Over the years AromataGroup has continued to develop flavors, aromatic extracts and colours for the oral hygiene market segment and we are able to offer a interesting choice of products for all those who are always looking for new aromatic combinations.

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