AromataGroup, thanks to the experience in the synthesis of dyes, produces a wide range of food grade colorants for industrial use.

Our products are able to meet every need, both legislative and commercial, for the Italian and foreign markets. The dyestuffs of these sectors are selected on the basis of studies and rigorous experimental tests. The company has invested at a regulatory level in the REACH registration not only of its dyestuffs, but also of the raw materials used in their production. The technical assistance service has assumed a central role in our organization in order to offer customers high quality and efficient technical support. Competence, flexibility and speed are the essential characteristics that distinguish our team. Our technicians are available to customers to quickly identify the most suitable solutions for each application.

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"We ensure an all-round service covering every technical, legal and commercial aspect."

CEO of AromataGroup


The success of a product depends above all on its visual appeal. Applying high-quality dyes and pigments to the finished product allows convey the right message and create the right grip on the customer. AromataGroup develops a wide range of specific dyes for the detergent sector, in particular fabric softeners, detergents, finished detergents and much more. All products are regulated at a regulatory level in the REACH registration not only of their dyestuffs, but also of the raw materials used in their production.

Pet Food & Agro

As in the food industry in general, dyestuffs are applied in this field to make the product more visually appealing. During the production process, the colour of pet food can lose its intensity and therefore also its visual appeal. Colours are added to maintain a more appetising appearance. The dyes used for pet food are completely safe, are strictly controlled and regulated in accordance with European Union safety laws.

Leather & Woods

Industrial colours for coloruing wood are used to give colour and ennoble the material and highlight certain special characteristics such as veins and fibres. In addition, the wood dyeing process is therefore used to attenuate the surface defects present on the material, or stabilize the colour and obtain valuable effects. AromataGroup has also developed a series of colours dedicated to the world of leather dyeing, which has always been one of the typical Italian excellences. This range of dyes is designed for various applications such as: clothing, leather goods and footwear.


The world of inks is certainly the most eclectic: an infinite number of colour shades for a variety of finished products. All AromataGroup industrial colours for inks applications are certified and we offer the possibility to have talor-made shades, thanks to our highly specialized technical staff. The most common applications in this sector are acrylics pencils, pens and markers, with a strong tendency to develop non-toxic and natural products to allow safe use even for children.

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