Thanks to the use of selected raw materials and advanced sensory processes, we create unique products every day.

AromataGroup, in the savoury field, ranges from solutions for stuffed pasta and ready meals to products specifically designed to enhance the taste of finished products such as cold cuts, cheeses, seasonings and sauces. The use of high-level raw materials, attention to regulations, respect for tradition and continuous studies on market trends allow our company to be a leader in the sector with innovative, versatile and high quality products. Our research and development team collaborates closely with the customer to propose always customized solutions.

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Stuffed Pasta

The stuffed pasta, a true classic of the Italian culinary heritage, comes from the union of simple ingredients enriched by the most imaginative fillings. The result is a genuine and natural recipe. We have captured the taste of tradition, transforming it into an advanced industrial process and for this reason we offer a range of flavours and colours for the production of stuffed pasta, designed to complete and enhance the quality of the filling. Organoleptically compatible, the colours and flavours for the production of stuffed pasta are designed to guarantee the highest quality consistency.

Cured Meat

The world of processed meat and cold cuts has always been at the centre of a very rich Italian tradition, which has led to the creation of typical products with a strong personality. Each recipe has a centuries-old history and is the result of a careful selection of raw materials and methods that have been handed down over the years. Its typicality is thus protected, together with constant technical development that has adapted the products to the most modern nutritional requirements. We propose solutions that guarantee full taste in the name of genuineness and tradition ensuring a high quality standard and excellent customization.

Ready Meals

The ready meals sector has experienced a real boom in recent years. The changes in the eating habits of consumers, who are increasingly oriented towards dynamic lifestyles, have found authentic allies in the new precooked, frozen and freeze-dried foods. This was a real technological revolution, in which research had to take up an important challenge: to keep intact the most authentic flavour of Italian, Mediterranean and ethnic cuisine. To enhance the notes of gastronomic specialties, we have developed a rich selection of proposals that can be customized according to the specific needs of our customers. Each dish finds a professional solution, able to enhance its unique characteristics.


Seasonings are ingredients to be dosed wisely for the success of any dish. They are irreplaceable to strengthen the taste of the food. The use of flavourings allows to enhance the whole taste, without compromising the nutritional properties of the dish. We have placed particular care in the proposals specific for condiments. In this way a catalogue of solutions rich in personality is born, to make each creation truly unique.


Sauces are often an irreplaceable component of first courses and are also really good to enrich second courses. The recipes are endless and can vary from country to country. To be prepared hot or cold, they are composed of various ingredients, from the base of vegetables only, such as classic passata or pesto, to the harmonious combination with any type of fish or meat, such as meat sauce. Our creativity in this segment is the basis for making the finished product unique: the range of products counts flavours and colours customized for the savoury industry.


The consumption of savoury snacks is constantly growing. This is undoubtedly due to the continuous achievements of the food industry's technology, which aims to develop an increasingly appetising range of products. Only in terms of French fries, for example, there are dozens of variations available, from the most classic to the most elaborate, such as ham or paprika flavoured. Snack time, therefore, can be experienced in many different ways. Quick recipes, very inviting, designed to liven up a relaxing break or an unusual appetizer. Thanks to the commitment of our technicians who propose solutions of flavours and colours dedicated to this specific savoury sector, the world of snacks is enriched by quality, with solutions able to transform every proposal into a very exclusive occasion.

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