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Our Food Grade Colours

Colour is life, and life is colour: it is the colour of a specific food that attracts us or repels us, the colour ignites the anticipation of the taste experience, making the mouth water, creating expectation.

This is why in AromataGroup, a member of Nactarome, we are proud to have over a century of experience in the world of colours for the food and beverage industry thanks to the heritage of FiorioColori, established in 1914 and acquired by our Group in 2016. We can count on a reliable suppliers’ base, premium quality raw materials, consolidated processes and – last but not least – we constantly monitor our markets and our consumers, to keep the pace with varying trends, regulations, inspirations. Our attention to the market has inspired our company to eagerly focus on the creation of a comprehensive and authentic range of colourings in line with the growing requests and preferences in the line of naturality, sustainability and health on the market: to be able to capture and offer the most vibrant colours of nature is a path that begins at raw material level, goes through the choice of gentle and sustainable processing technologies, and translates into stable, versatile and highly performing products, perfectly suited to clean labelling.

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How to select the right colour

Labelling requirements are but one of the various aspects to take into account when choosing the right colour for your product.

Food grade colour performance, and in particular the colouring foodstuffs’ performance, depends on the acidity level, the light exposure, processing and storage temperature, clarity or cloudiness, and on the remaining ingredients of the final formulation: they could react with any one of these parameters, and they could impact on stability and oxidation. Our technologists will work with you to select the best colour type to make your product successful, stable and eye-catching. Our colours are available both liquids and in powder, can be water- and/or oil-soluble, are FDA-approved and can be Kosher/Halal certified.

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