Colour plays a key and unique role, offering the consumer a fresh and captivating image of the finished product, in the food industry and many other different sectors. Our aim is to offer various solutions of natural food grade colorants and synthetic colorants with stable and bright shades, responding to the increasing demand of the market.

We distinguish ourselves as a manufacturer of high-quality food grade colours, ensured by accurate and certified controls carried out during the entire production cycle, in compliance with the HACCP self-control system, from raw materials to packaging. Innovation is at the basis of all our colours: the introduction of innovative and cutting-edge technologies and the complete computerized automation of production processes allow a better monitoring and traceability of the batches in real time. High flexibility in the production and creating customized blends to each specific customer’s request allow us to be considered a reliable partner for all our clients.


High quality standards right from the choice of raw materials ensure products with high levels of purity, guaranteed by accurate and certified tests throughout the entire production cycle, from raw materials to final packaging.



Starting from raw materials extracted from sources of natural origin such as plants, fruits, vegetables and minerals selected at the best of their characteristics, we are able to produce a complete range of natural colorants for the food and beverage industry, with high standards in terms of stability, quality and safety. We are constantly engaged in the research and development of new solutions starting from the specific requests of our customers, carrying out laboratory tests and providing technical-application consulting. Natural colorants are available in liquid and powder versions, each of them with their own specific advantages depending on the application.

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This category includes extracts, colouring foodstuff and aromatic preparations. Our range of natural colouring agents is based on concentrates and extracts from edible vegetable sources, specially selected with secondary coloring properties. Created to meet the ever-increasing market demand for cleaner labels, “clean labels solutions” are extracts conforming to the new “Guidance notes on the classification of food extract with colouring properties” and flavouring preparations, for example natural flavourings in accordance with EC Regulation 1334/2008, from traditional foods such as vegetables, spices and fruit.

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AromataGroup is currently the only European manufacturer of a whole range of synthetic dyes. State-of-the-art technology and advanced control systems allow us to produce synthetic dyes with a high degree of purity, guaranteed by accurate methods of analysis and controls, respected throughout the entire production cycle. Our primary colors are chemically synthesized organic. The exceptional purity allows them to be used in different applications: food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and other. Each project is developed in compliance with current regulations such as 95/45/EC; FDA; CFR 21 PART 1/99-82-1051. Our products guarantee a great level of stability and reproducibility and an excellent coloring power. The synthetic colorants are available in liquid form, granules and ready to use pastes.

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AromataGroup has a wide range of pigments: these can be of mineral, vegetable or synthetic origin. They are not soluble in water and are usually used in mixtures with binding substances, such as glycerine. AromataGroup is the official distributor of the Koel brand, a company producing pigments for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sectors. For these market segments, the pigments are certified according to specific legislation (American FDA). In addition, AromataGroup is the exclusive distributor for the Italian market of Candurin® produced by Merck, world leader in the production of pearlescent pigments – a key product that enhances the visual sensory experience of the end customer. Particularly indicated in the food sector, specifically in confectionary, they are now used in products of different kinds such as toppings and decorations, beverages and spirits. Pearlescent pigments are also widely used in the pharmaceutical sector, in order to facilitate brand recognition by consumers and give greater appeal to the product.

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AromataGroup produces a complete range of synthetic and natural dyes and lakes. Once precipitated on an aluminum hydrate substrate, the water-soluble dyes form insoluble products with pigmentary properties, coloring by “contact”. Compared to the water-soluble dyes from which they originate, lakes have a better resistance to light. Their field of application is exclusively in products with a pH between 4 and 7. Normally, the colour intensity given by the colorants is correlated to the quantity of product; with lakes, it is related to the degree of fineness of the particles: the higher is the grinding level, the higher is the coloring power and, consequently, the lower is the quantity of product required.

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