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The sugar confectionery market has been steadily evolving over the years to meet the growing demand for lower sugar, better-for-you, all-natural ingredients, and recent research published by Innova shows that the claims that most influence consumers’ purchasing decisions are “made with real ingredients/natural” and “no artificial flavours or colours”.

Innovation in the segment has therefore been geared towards replacing “flavours” with natural flavours and extracts, artificial sweeteners with natural sweeteners, and most of all in finding natural and/or clean label alternatives to the colourings used in application. Colouring foodstuffs are a key ingredient, and they can offer a number of “plus” to labelling and claims, such as “with real fruit or vegetable extract” (e.g. red beet, carrot, apple), “no artificial colours”, and also “vegan/vegetarian” when needed.

At AromataGroup, we can boast over a century of experience in selecting the best raw materials to create a range of clean label colour solutions, stable and applicable to various end product segments, rooting back to the Italian artisanal know-how of FiorioColori.

Our FiorioClean range of sustainable colouring foodstuffs allows our customers to create unforgettable foods, with a unique and distinctive look. Colouring foodstuffs, technically real food extracts with colouring properties, are the best solution to respond to the growing market demand for clean label products, and to the request for foods and beverages featuring “recognizable ingredients” by different age groups. They come in many forms: liquids, powders, gels, and pastes, are GMO- and allergen-free, can be Kosher/Halal certified, and most are suitable for vegans/vegetarians. AromataGroup’s range of clean label solutions for confectionery applications shows perfect water solubility, and superior resistance to heat, light and pH stress.

AromataGroup boasts state-of-the-art processing facilities and internationally recognized quality certifications, alongside an established application expertise, making them the perfect partner to develop tailor-made colour solutions for all confectionery products and developments.

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