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Consumers all around the world are searching for alternatives to replace meat for a number of reasons, like health, sustainability, food justice or compassion: according to a EU-funded study based on Nielsen data, the plant-based protein market value has increased by 49% in just two years, and is expected to account for at least 10% of the global protein market in less than 10 years.

What is key for flexitarians or reducetarians, though, is the expectation for these plant-based meat alternative products to look and perform like meat when cooking. With over a century of experience at FiorioColori in creating consumer-preferred colour solutions for a number of food applications, we are delighted to introduce you today to our newest range of natural colours and natural colouring foodstuffs created using plant-based raw materials, such as turmeric roots, paprika, red beet and caramelised sugars to provide realistic visuals. A selection of these colouring solutions also perform in meat products to enhance the natural appearance.

The range includes:
– FiorioClean Strong Red, clean label colour solution, highly stable and fully tested on deli meats; on selected applications it can be used as carmine replacer;
– FiorioClean Beef Patty, clean label colour solution for plant-based meat alternatives, matching the “beef patty” hue, designed to replicate the caramelised appearance of the meat counterpart;
– FiorioClean Future Blend, clean label colour solution visually appealing before and after cooking, designed to perform in vegan applications and to recreate the authentic meat appearance on a plant-based protein;
– FiorioClean Future Blend Plus, clean label, vegan suitable and heat stable, adds a unique blend of spice extracts to the FiorioClean Future Blend, to bring extra depth to the final product’s appearance.

Our FiorioClean colour range can be further customised to ensure colour stability across the entire shelf-life and production-consumption stages of the product. We have a full range of colour solutions available for a number of meat and plant-based alternatives, including burgers, meatballs and mince, sausages and bacon, chicken nuggets, fish fingers and fillets, deli meats.

For further details, download the range information sheet here and reach out to your account manager or contact us at info@aromatagroup.com

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