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According to EFSA’s latest evaluation based on consistent scientific data, E171 – Titanium Dioxide – does not appear safe for human consumption and has been banned for use in food and beverage applications across the European Union. Companies have been given until mid-2022 only to phase out its use and search for alternatives. However, latest reports have shown that other markets may be following suit.

Data from market research company Mintel shows that in the EU new product launches containing titanium dioxide have steadily declined since 2019 and manufacturers have been working to phase E171 out for some time now from all sorts of food and beverage products, including soups, baked goods, sauces, sandwich spreads, processed nuts, confectionery, cake icing and chewing gums.

Alternatives to TiO2 have been hard to find, particularly for its cost-effectiveness and proven stability in a variety of applications and resistance to processing stress.

At FiorioColori, we have been working on viable natural alternatives to TiO2 for some time, and have developed four solutions fully tested in selected applications.
Our products are preservative-free, natural, and can match the brightness of TiO2 when applied to glazes, minimise airing during gummy production, perfectly coat panned candies or show perfect stability to heat processes.

They come in powder form and are easy to use, dose, store.

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