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Nactarome SPA is a European platform specialized in the production of natural flavours, colours and functional ingredients for the food & beverage field composed of the companies:
AromataGroup, Nactis Flavours e Create Flavours e Ipam.
Nactarome operates in 10 production plants in four different countries in Europe, serving more than 90 countries internationally.

The vision of the Nactarome Group is to work together to be an excellent partner, creating significant innovations to serve and anticipate the world’s major changes.

Nactarome aims to an overall growth which includes to increase the presence in our local key-markets via optimized and efficient production set-ups, keeping sustainability and naturalness always in first place.


All the companies of the group share a common component: the long experience in the food & beverage sectors.

Nactis Flavours, headquartered near Paris, is a leading French manufacturer of flavours, aromatic raw materials and functional ingredients that bring taste to many products of daily life. 
Nactis operates with four plants in France and one in Belgium, developing tailor made solutions for industrial partners as well for professionals like butchers and restaurateurs.
This diversity provides the Group with interactions between the various fields of applications and contributes to its technological innovation strength.
Nactis Flavours is the result of various acquisitions and aggregations of the past 20 years. Always listening to environmental, economic and social changes, Nactis’ offering is meant to be a source of inspiration and innovation, moving towards more natural, organic and clean label products.

IPAM is an Italian company, based in the famous ‘Food Valley’ near Parma, specialized in the production of food ingredients
IPAM is an Italian company, based in the famous ‘Food Valley’ near Parma, specialized in the production of food ingredients. The core business is breadcrumbs (for fillings and coatings) and in general breadings solutions, of which IPAM is the Italian leader with a 60% of market share. 
The production is equipped with the latest generation machinery for the development of innovative functional products with particular attention to new market trends.
The strength points of IPAM, in addition to quality, range assortment and competitiveness, are the great operational flexibility and the possibility of creating tailor made products by actively participating in the development of customer pilot projects.

Headquartered in Clevedon, UK, Create Flavours is a leading producer of natural top-notes flavours for the sweet, savoury and beverage end markets.&nbspDespite accounting for less than 25% of an overall dosage, top-notes are the highest value-added component within the overall flavour profile of a product and their production requires significant skills and technological know-how. Create Flavours brings a product portfolio of over 20,000 SKUs, proprietary technologies for optimisation of powder flavours and a client base of 200 of the most recognizable UK and international food brands.

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