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Although black colouring in foods is not new at all (think squid ink!), it has been gaining momentum over the past three to four years. It adds a touch of sophistication and strong visuals to food products as it does to packaging, and we have seen it on burger buns as well as cheeses, on frostings and in confectionery.

The most common natural food colouring is vegetable carbon – or carbon black (E153), based on carbonised vegetable material. It has excellent stability to heat and light and although is an insoluble pigment, water dispersible formulations can be made. However, it requires an E-number labelling, which may not be what consumers are looking for.

At AromataGroup we have therefore worked on a clean labelling option, to meet consumer and market demand for all natural products, and we are delighted to introduce our Mysterious Black. the latest addition to our FiorioClean colouring foodstuff range.

FiorioClean Mysterious Black is a black blend of vegetable and plant juices and extracts, including black carrot, spirulina, and safflower, and works as a carbon black replacer in selected applications, particularly confectionery.

It is GMO-free, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, and it comes in liquid form, fully water soluble, and offers a consumer- and label-friendly positioning.
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