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Environmental protection, mitigation and pollution prevention, investments in renewable energies, education on sustainability for employees, partners and suppliers, are one of the pillars within AromataGroup’s values (part of Nactarome Group).

Beyond solar panels
Back in October 2020, our Company has confirmed a substantial investment to implement two photo-voltaic installations, in our two Italian sites of Gessate (Milan) and Concorezzo (Monza Brianza): the conversion of our plants to reduce energetic costs and fossil fuel emissions will allow us to save the equivalent of about 12% of CO2 tons per year per site. The saving equates to the emissions absorbed by about 30 hectares of new forests (approximately 300,000 square meters), and to the emissions associated to the energy consumption (electric) of about 81 families. However, our commitment to sustainability is not just limited to green energy and CO2 emission reduction.

Employees, partners, suppliers, customers and local communities
For years, we have been sharing an environmental protection policy with employees, partners, suppliers, customers and local communities, living in proximity to our sites. Our policy is not limited to acting in compliance with the current legislation but involves the whole of our supply chain in a conscious and responsible resource management, including energy, water and raw materials. Our policy also aims to maximise reduction of runs-out and waste; as well as to reduce noise pollution; to handle and store with care and in full safety all potentially hazardous or noxious chemicals; to minimise the risk to pollute air or fresh water. Furthermore, we are committed to monitoring the potential impact that both our finished products, and the raw materials used, can have on the environment, the ecosystems, the endangered species, and to implementing, whenever necessary, corrective actions.

A sustainable company is an equitable company
As part of our commitment to total sustainability, AromataGroup pledges to ensure, for employees and collaborators, an equitable, welcoming, respectful, culturally inclusive and non-discriminatory working environment. We strongly believe that our sustainability goals cannot be met without the precious collaboration with those working with us: this is why we regularly set up education occasions and strive to involve the team in all environmental improvement processes. We have invested in new appliances for our laboratories, that are less pollutant and are in line with our objectives.

Monitoring to Enhance Corrective Measures
Obviously, we have a plan: we deeply care for the environment and believe that only through a constant monitoring we can achieve constant improvement, to minimise our impact on a critically damaged planet and to the communities and the ecosystems where our plants. The monitoring of our sites’ emissions, the assessment of our carbon and water footprint for every kg of manufactured product, the adoption of a water purifier and the certification of our environmental management policy are only a few of the commitments our Company has undertaken.

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