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The Natural Touch

We bring you the best of Nature

AromataGroup, a member of the european group Nactarome, is an Italian company specialized in the production of natural flavours and extracts of herbs and plants, colours and fuctional ingredients with a focus on the food and beverage industries. AromataGroup is an ideal partner, able to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Creativity, competence and flexibility are part of the company DNA: each product is the result of a deep collaboration with our customers in order to develop even the most original projects, to create unique, natural and tailored solutions.

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An ideal partner, who is able to meet even the most demanding requirements.

We strive to be an excellent partner for our customers, offering customized solutions of flavors, colors and ingredients, always working respecting the Nature and the Environment.


Working closely with our customers

Collaborating with our customers is the essence of our work. The quality of the assistance is a real company must, from the development of the product to its realization, up to the delivery in every part of the world. Thanks to the internal regulatory office, we also guarantee support in the interpretation of quality standards and laws regarding the products and the documentations required by legislation.