R & D


Our Research & Development team provides innovative and creative solutions. Each product is the result of the experience and in-depth knowledge of the final product composition and latest production technologies. In order to guarantee this commitment also in future AromataGroup is collaborating with leading-edge research entities.

Qualità Totale

Total Quality
All AromataGroup’s technical departments are operating with one specific goal in mind: to develop innovative products and ensuring total quality. Each product is the result of an extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of product composition and the latest production technologies. The entire supply chain undergoes strict quality control procedures, in compliance with all legal and labour safety requirements in respect of the employees and the environment.



AromataGroup’s production process complies with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and the company operates in compliance with an HACCP self-inspection system. Both production sites are ISO EN 9001:2015 certified by the certification group DNV.
The Quality Assurance is responsible for the company’s quality system, from administration to the warehouse, and verifies on a regular basis whether the procedures indicated in the ISO standards 9001:2015 are in compliance.
AromataGroup has implemented analytical and sensory testing system for its in-house quality control offices in order to be able to control and guarantee the different specific parameters of every raw material and finished product. In addition to the general quality control of the finished flavors and aromatic extracts, an internal panel of experts is responsible for the organoleptic evaluation and final product validation.