Creative solutions

The food industry is always offering new products to the final consumer, in order to meet the various market needs.

The final consumers are becoming more and more selective and attentive to their diet.

For this reason, the industries working in this field need more than ever to create products combining

high nutritional properties and an excellent flavors.

The long tradition of Italian taste together with the know-how acquired over the years

allow the group to develop solutions which are always innovative and in line with the customers’ requirements.

AromataGroup is a leader in the production of flavors and extracts used in the food industry.

The company has natural plant extracts, natural and natural-identical flavors which give a distinctive characteristic to the final product.

The use of high-quality raw materials, the attention in the field of regulations, the respect for tradition and the continuous studies on market trends allow our company to be a leader in the sector with innovative, versatile and high-quality products.