The Covid-19 pandemic that has swept the planet over the last two years has left a heavy mark on the entire beauty sector, creating new lifestyles, new purchasing priorities and new preferences that now go beyond the intrinsic characteristics of products. In particular, as highlighted by the analysis presented by Mintel at in-cosmetics global held in Paris at the beginning of April 2022, consumers are increasingly interested in the ethical positioning of the products they buy, especially in terms of sustainability, climate change and sourcing and development practices. In addition, the elements of identity, inclusion, diversity and equity have become increasingly central to the perception and choice of brands.

“As AromataGroup and FiorioColori, we have a competitive advantage to respond to market demands,” explains Fabio Rossi, LifeScience Applications Sales Director at AromataGroup. “We can offer over a century of experience in the field of colours, with a certified supply chain and a clear commitment to sustainability at every stage of the production process. In addition, the well-established partnership with Koel Colours, with whom we participated at in-cosmetics global in Paris, allows us to offer proprietary technologies and optimal pigment solutions tailored for the cosmetics industry.”

In-cosmetics global confirmed trends and innovations that during the two years of pandemic remained just below the surface, from stress-relieving skincare to make-up hybridisation, in response to the growing demand to reduce the number of products and consequently minimise waste.

Hybridisation – or rather multifunctionality – stimulates creativity and innovation: “The limits of coloured cosmetics will be expanded and tested,” Rossi continues. “From this point of view, it is essential to be able to offer pigments that, on the one hand, reduce the number of steps in the production process and, on the other, offer assurances of long-lasting durability and adaptability to different matrices”.

The sustainability mega-trend is bringing solid and powdered colour cosmetics back at the centre of innovation, a sector that is particularly popular with Generation Z. The advantages of solid formulations are not only perceived in terms of sustainability (reduced carbon footprint, reduced water waste) but also in terms of quality and maintaining sensory characteristics for longer.

“With FiorioColori branded products and Koel Colours’ patented pigments and technologies we can guarantee highly performing and competitive solutions,” Rossi concludes. “In particular, at in-cosmetics global we presented a ‘no-nano / no-dust water dispersible carbon black’, a granulated product that does not involve dusting issues because it is perfectly water dispersible in just a few seconds, offering an intense black that is perfect for the formulation of eyeliners and mascaras”.

Altered Karbon offers dust-free granules, which do not require preparatory steps such as grinding or milling before being dissolved in water. Application in the different formulations is straightforward, reducing operating time and costs. The result is an intense, deep black that is perfectly suited to different matrices: not only eyeliner or mascara, but also nail polish, lipstick and even hair shampoo.

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