The production plants


The three production plants located in Bresso and the other in Concorrezzo and Gessate are three modern sites in which a Total Quality System has been implemented, related also to the continuous investment in resources and machinery.
All products developed and produced by AromataGroup in their production plants are the result of close teamwork. The strong professionalism and extensive experience of our employees allows AromataGroup to provide the market with exclusive products.

Flexibility is another strength of the company. We are able to provide a wide range of customized products, helping our customers to stand out in a competitive and increasingly demanding and complex market.
Our Research & Development team provides innovative and creative solutions to meet every kind of requirement. All mentioned points have confirmed that AromataGroup is a leading supplier to the major Italian and multinational companies.


AromataGroup’s has organized its production sites in a flexible and efficient way, ensuring highest quality standards. The automatization of the production process by barcoding all incoming raw materials and finished products ensures full traceability of the whole production process.

The production units of the liquid and powder flavors have state of the art production equipments allowing AromataGroup to provide value added solutions to its customers.

AromataGroup has different spray drying towers all connected to a PLC for continuous control of the various manufacturing stages, mixing machines for the production of powder based flavors, reactors for the production of processed flavors and various distillators.