Milano 20 May 2016,

The flavour and taste of cooked vegetables is what is contained in each flavour of the new product-line ‘cooked vegetables’ developed in the laboratories of AromataGroup.

In order to meet the increasing requests and needs of the market of salted finished products, AromataGroup has developed a product line of cooked vegetables which are as similar and natural as the original vegetables.

The strength of this new product line are manifold:

  • loyalty to the natural taste
  • ability to mask possible off notes of the original vegetable
  • ability to characterize and enhance the flavour features
  • ability to offset the aromatic losses due to the technological process

AromataGroup encourages its customers and who is interested to request the presentation of the new product line in order to better understand the unique characteristics of this new flavours.

AromataGroup continues to be close to the market needs and its customer.




Milano 21 December 2015,


During the presentation of the study CERVED Smart “Fragrances and Flavors”, AromataGroup has been honored with the price “Company to Watch 2015”.
The recognition has been awarded to AromataGroup as Italian company with excellence developments in:
1. Investments in product development
2. Increase of the product rant in the last two years
3. Excellent pre- and after sales services
4. Clear sales strategies for the development in foreign markets

This award is a further recognition of our Group for the objectives achieved so far and shows that the market recognizes our strategy. AromataGroup looks forward to further positive achievements in the near future and will continue to become one of the reference points of the flavor producing industry.



Variati Bulgaria was established in 2012 with the aim to serve the local and Balkan markets.
Its excellent strategic position, solid logistics capacity, and a qualified sales team allows Variati Bulgaria to position itself perfectly within AromataGroup’s commercial growth plans.
The Business Units of the Group – Emans Derivati Aromatici, Select Alimenta, Variati Aromi – are supporting the development of Variati Bulgaria with a clear focus of the market possibilities and potentials

AromataGroup’s Research & Development team has developed a new appealing range of high fruit content powders. The products are manufactured in the production plant of Concorezzo using state-of-the-art equipment. The bright color of freshly picked ripe seasonal fruit, the same organoleptic properties as fresh fruit, and a very competitive price make this range of fruit powders a precious ally for our customers.
The range includes the fruit powder flavors like Strawberry, Cherry, Lemon, Raspberry, and many more.

AromataGroup S.r.l. has taken over the shares of Variati Aromi on 1 April 2015. Simultaneously, Variati & Co S.p.a., the holding company of the Variati family, is retaining a significant share in AromataGroup.
This operation is reflecting AromataGroup’s broader strategy to become a major player in the European flavor & color producing industry. The aim is to further expand the range of products and services with constant improvement of the quality standards.
Variati Aromi will continue to serve its customers from the Concorezzo production plant. The Commercial and R&D teams will remain unchanged. Tonio Grassmann will be the General Manager, position he already holds in AromataGroup.
Variati Aromi has a consolidated presence in the food & beverage industry, especially in various sweet (like ice cream and dairy) and savory market segment. Joining AromataGroup will allow Variati Aromi to enhance the presence and technical knowledge in the food & beverage industry.

Total Quality has always been one of AromataGroup and Variati Aromi’s strengths.
This is reason why in April 2015, Variati Aromi decided to rely on the professional certification body DNV GL.
Working together with one certification body for the two production sites will ensure higher and uniform quality standards.

Select Alimenta has announced the launch of a new vegetable extract – Morado Red Corn – among those already available for the food & beverage industry. The new Morado Red Corn Extract has strong ruby red coloring properties and is ideal for the use in beverages, ice cream bases and different nutraceutical products.
The main properties of this new extract is the enhancement of the flavor of the finished product and the significant content of anthocyanoside.
The extract is available in three product: powder, paste and liquid