Fiorio Colori has a wide range of pigments: these can be of mineral, vegetable or synthetic origin. They are not soluble in water and are usually used in a mixture with binding substances, such as glycerine.
The company is constantly engaged in research and development of new solutions, many of which are suggested by specific customer needs.
Fiorio Colori is the official distributor of the Koel brand, a manufacturer of pigments for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical sector.
For these market segments, pigments are certified according to specific legislation (American FDA).
Furthermore, Fiorio Colori is the exclusive distributor for the Italian market of Candurin ® produced by Merck, a world leader in the production of pearlescent pigments – a key product thanks to which the visual sensory experience of the end customer is enhanced.
Particularly indicated in the food sector, specifically in the confectionary sector, they are now used in various types of products such as toppings and garnishes, drinks and liqueurs.
Pearlescent pigments are widely used also in the pharmaceutical sector, in order to facilitate the recognition of the brand by consumers and give greater appeal to the product.